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"You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world." - William Hazlitt

Riverbanks and Robertson Rd

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Ride Report

Date Reviewed: 04/15/07

Length: 13 miles

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Location: From Hwy 199 in the south, turn onto Riverbanks Rd at mile post 7. Ride 10 miles and turn right onto Lower River Rd. A large bridge crossing the Rogue River marks this turn. Ride for 0.4 miles and turn left onto Robertson Bridge Rd. Stay on Robertson Bridge Rd until reaching Merlin.

From Merlin, ride to the west side of town. Robertson Bridge Rd sits beside a Baptist Church and across from the Back Road Grill. Stay on Robertson Bridge Rd until it ends at Lower River Rd. Turn Right and ride over the Rogue River. Turn left onto Riverbanks Rd and continue to Hwy 199.

Connects With: Hwy 199 and Merlin to Wolf Creek Loop.

Amenities: Full in Merlin

Places of Interest: Natural scenery, one park, and a park like boat ramp.

Review: Albeit short, this route makes a fantastic choice. It replaces the congestion of Grants Pass with farm country, river views, and rolling hills. Riders needing gas or food will find plenty in Merlin. If heading into Oregon from Hwy 199, give this option a try.

Starting from Hwy 199, Riverbanks Rd skirts through farmlands and low lying foot hills. Corners are well marked and pavement quite good. Straight stretches offer ample passing room and surprisingly good scenery. On this road, straights and corners are clumped. Take advantage of the former to enjoy the latter.

Riverbanks Rd meets the Rogue River along shallow cliffs. If interested in getting your toes wet, wait for a large boat launch just after the bridge.

After outstanding views along Riverbanks Rd, Robertson Bridge Rd feels quite mundane. While it sports sweeping turns and pretty landscape, it lacks river views and tight corners. Throttle through toward Merlin.

A highly recommended bypass.

Oregon Motorcyclist - Motorcycle Roads in Oregon

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Oregon Motorcyclist - Motorcycle Roads in Oregon

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