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Oregonmotorcyclist is a group of active motorcycle enthusiasts from the state of Oregon. They formed this organization as some sort of social club for motorcycle riders and collectors who want to hang out and meet every now and then. The members are mostly from Oregon, but bikers from neighbouring cities are welcome to join them anytime.

The purpose of creating this club is to promote camaraderie and friendship among motorcycle riders. People here look out for each other, whether on the road or in the community. So, in a way, this club has become our support system on the road as well as off it. We have become a very tight group, that we consider each member not just as friends but more like close family.

The group was born when 2 neighbours in Oregon got around to talking about bikes one lazy afternoon. The talks got more serious, until finally one day, they decide to buy big motorbikes to start on their new hobby. Before long, other friends and neighbours wanted to join, and everybody was welcome to join. The only rule was a respect for each individual. Soon, the group grew to about 50, until recently, the total membership in the club has now reached 150 members.

The secret to our success in the group is a good relationship we maintain in dealing with each other. We live by the golden rule, and is in fact our motto. To us, it’s not just a club, but rather an extended family which makes our community much more stronger and vigilant in looking out for each other.