The Oregonian Gives oregonmotorcyclist.com Top Honors

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The Oregonian Gives oregonmotorcyclist.com Top Honors

On January 23, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

The Oregonian has given the distinct honor to oregonmotorcyclist.com as one of the best new local websites for this year. The online news agency selects from all local websites in the state of Oregon and from that selection comes the winner for the distinction as the best in their category for that year. There are many categories from which to choose from. This year, oregonmotorcyclist.com is fortunate to be the top choice in their category.

The members of oregonmotorcyclist.com are very proud of this citation, which is a testimony to the civic duties the members of the club promise to uphold. This makes all their efforts all worthwhile and it also encourages its members to keep on doing their good deeds and make the organization even more deserving of the award.

The plaque representing the citation will be awarded to the members of the club in a special program to be held at the end of the month. There will be a simple ceremony where all the winners will be recognized on stage and will be given a few minutes to enjoy this special moment with their family and friends.

Another perk of receiving this award is a $5,000 gift certificate to be given to the nominated charity of each organization, plus a $1,000 gift certificate for the members of the club. Gift certificates are not convertible to cash and can be used at participating malls all around Oregon.

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