Oregon Bikers Organize Cleanup Drive

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Oregon Bikers Organize Cleanup Drive

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As part of their civic duties and acting as responsible citizens, the oregonmotorcyclist club is going to hold a cleanup drive along the roads connecting Portland and Salem. The drive is an effort initiated by the group to remove debris near highways and major roads, which could become traffic hazards if not disposed of properly.

Thomas, an integral part of the Cleanup Drive and an avid biker believes this will not only benefit the communities of Portland and Salem, but also all communities in between. It is a way of giving back to the society doing something that we all love as a group. Thomas works as a salesman selling karaoke machines just so he can enjoy his passion of riding a motorcycle.

To help in the cleanup, oregonmotorcyclist has enlisted the help of a handful of Highway Patrol cops to escort its members and warn of oncoming traffic during the cleanup drive. Some of these highway patrol cops are also members of the club, which made it easy to convince them to agree to volunteer their services for their fellow members.

The cleanup drive is not only for aesthetic purposes. Another purpose of this event is to promote road safety and defensive driving practices for motorcyclists and other vehicle drivers as well. This is the second year in a row that the club is organizing such a cleanup drive. Last year’s event was so successful that the leadership of the club decided it would be nice to go for another round.

This is just one way the oregonmotorcyclist club is helping the community. This is a testament to their dedication to promoting good will to everyone and ensuring a safer surrounding for all of the people of Oregon.

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