Devine is New oregonmotorcyclist Top Honcho

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Devine is New oregonmotorcyclist Top Honcho

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With the start of the new year, oregonmotorcyclist held its annual election of officers for the calendar year. The officers formulate by-laws for the group, and sees to the overall welfare of the organization as a whole. The selection is done by open balloting, in a very informal setting held at the Portland Park Sunken Garden, where members of the club congregate to suit their purpose.

There were two nominees for the top post this year. The winning nominee is Robert Devine, who is a long-standing member of the leadership committee. The other nominee is the relative newcomer, Kevin Weasley, who came a distant second in the balloting. There were no hard feelings between the candidates, as this selection process is rather don in a brotherly and respectful manner.

Devine, the senior of the two, happily accepted the election results and promised to institute some changes to benefit all the members of the club. “I am honored that you should choose me as your new leader,” Devine says in an interview after the election. “Thank you for the show of support. I am grateful that you see me as worthy of the post. My counterpart, Kevin, is also worthy of the post, and I congratulate him for putting up a clean fight for the leadership. Let us all work together to make our group stronger than ever,” ends Devine.

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